How does it work

Through the reading of the product number, you can instantly check if a product that was declared Made in Italy, is really Made in Italy or not.

Thanks to the Web-App developed by Reliabitaly, it is now possible to instantly check the real authenticity of a product declared to be Made in Italy, at any place and on any smartphone or tablet.
Every product that is certified by Reliabitaly, will have the R symbol inserted on the packaging or on its label to allow you to easily find the verified products.

If it is the first time you buy that particular product and you want to make sure it has really been verified by our association, launch the app and insert the product code, or scan the QR-code.

You will be automatically redirected to the corresponding product page.

The biunique correspondence that is created between the product, its code and the web page, allows the consumer to be certain that the Reliabitaly trademark has not been illegally reproduced and therefore, our association has actually verified the product. This active control method ensures the uniqueness of the feedback and it is not able to be counterfit.

Once you have opened the product page and you have positively verified the correspondence, you will be able to view images, watch videos related to its production methods, see full technical characteristics and discover the peculiarities of that product.

Una volta aperta la scheda di prodotto e verificato positivamente la corrispondenza, potrai scorrere immagini, vedere video collegati ai relativi metodi produttivi, approfondire le caratteristiche tecniche e scoprire le peculiarità di quel prodotto.

It will also be possible to search a product or service, verified by Reliabitaly, in a traditional way.
This way, by selecting different search parameters, you could view the verified products that meet the specified criteria and see where they could be bought.

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Verification Methods

EAN – Barcode

Verification Method EAN - Barcode Reliabitaly App

QR code

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