What is Reliabitaly

Reliabitaly is an interactive marking that allows you to independently and easily check if a product has been verified by our association and is therefore genuinely Made in Italy.

For each product, Reliabitaly verifies the production processes, the involved business establishments, as well as the supply chain and the origin of the materials used. This ensures that the production has taken place in Italy, so that the product can truly be marked “Made in Italy”, and therefore comply with the quality standards that have made this marking, a great branding in the world.

After all, we believe that in order to define if a product has actually been Made in Italy or not, we cannot only consider the raw materials and their origin. The consequences of such superficial analysis would define this marking system only as a futile collection of information on its traceability and origin.

The Reliabitaly verification system is designed to be able to analyze all those values that are intangible by nature and cannot be measured in absolute terms, but that represent the real essence and the true meaning of the Made in Italy.

Reliabitaly is the first certification system that does not just obsessively analyze a product’s origin, but also analyzes a series of factors that are difficult to include in all of the current certification protocols. For example, we include values such as the beauty of the product, its design, its reliability, its ability to innovate, its tradition, its history, its profile, the goals of its company, the company’s staff, etc. All these values are not less important than others and they tangibly contribute to what we like to call “Quality.”