Why it is needed

Reliabitaly allows you to easily and independently check if a product has been verified by our association and therefore if the product has actually been Made in Italy or not. At the same time, Reliabitaly allows Italian manufacturers to distinguish their own products from those products that are just “Italian Sounding”.

It allows an Italian product to stand out from an Italian Sounding product.

A product will be instantly recognized as a Reliabitaly product through the hallmark applied to its packaging;
Also, by checking the quick feedback code on the product, the consumer can verify the actual authenticity of the marking and make sure that the item has actually been verified by our association (therefore authentic and truly Made in Italy).

It allows the consumers to choose consciously, without having doubts about the origin and the quality of what is being purchased.

The Reliabitaly products are easily recognizable and verifiable.
Thanks to the integrated logo, consumers can easily recognize a Reliabitaly product by using the free application that will allow them to immediately verify its authenticity.

It promotes and defends the “Made in Italy” marking.

Reliabitaly examines the data that relates to the source, the quality of the raw materials and the quality of the production processes used in the creation of the products marketed under the Made in Italy marking. This is done to protect and maintain the prestige of this marking.

In fact, the Made in Italy marking is not protected enough by the current regulations, and it is also unlawfully easily reproduced.

Our association promotes awareness of the “Made in Italy” marking in Italy and in foreign countries, by examining the different aspects and features of our culture, and by raising awareness among consumers that should pay attention to counterfeit products, which actually cover about 2/3 of the total relevant market (source Coldiretti).